We are not just a student hotel. We are a republic!

We are not just a student hotel. We are a republic!

Well-well Study well. Party well. Sleep well. Let’s make all three possible.

  • Study in an inspiring atmosphere

    ...or whatever
  • Get a lot of friends, some enemies and an experience you’ll never forget

    …enemies not included
  • Your cosy room provides all the peace and silence

    …not so silent elsewhere
  • Yoel

    "My time spent in student hotel has been the best I ever had in any place I rented, by far. From the time I arrived, the hospitality was warm, the personal, very welcoming, we went through all the building, main parts of the building were introduced, how the machines work and I ended feeling used to the place from the first day."
  • Shibin

    "I can honestly say that this is one of my most pleasant experiences I have and still enjoying the warm and cozy environment. I arrived in Riga May 2017 as a student my college (TSI) arranged me the stay in Duck Republik Hotel, from the very first day onwards I am staying in here and it’s Excellent! Accommodation I’m so happy and lucky to live with Duck Republik. I appreciate especially the warm welcome and support by Evita (the community manager of in Riga)."
  • Manel

    10/10 best service! I had a wonderful experience staying at student hotel in Riga on my Erasmus semester. it exceeded my expectations, I was impressed with the quality of the rooms, the services they provide, the organised events as well as super fast response time from the manager and employees there. They were always so helpful, I highly recommend it because I think it has the best service to price value I could find.

As any ambitious young republic, we’ll plan to conquer more locations. The second republik will be already opened in 2021!

...to conquer with love and love only

Features & amenities make easier to focus on the … studying

Always special


We’re adding events every week. You are allowed not to participate, but only if you feel you have experienced enough in your life.

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