Top 10 Reasons You Should Move to a Student Hotel



It can be an exciting, yet stressful task to choose your study abroad destination. Which country do I go to? Which university programme do I choose? When do I go? And, of course, where will I live when I arrive? 

Starting your search online can yield an overwhelming amount of results: university dormitories, apartments, AirBnBs, hostels show up on social media and in different ads - how are you supposed to know which area to pick and what type of living environment will suit you best? You need to focus on your studies and getting around in a new place, so your living arrangements should not add any extra stress and should be easy, comfortable and set up for you when you first arrive, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep from day one.

We have gathered the Top 10 reasons why living in a student hotel is the best option and here they are:

  1. Everything is here and ready for your arrival

The last thing you want to do is sleep on the floor when you first arrive or go furniture shopping the next day. Here at Duck Republik, you can expect your room to be furnished, your bed made, your lamp working and all necessary items there for you.

You won't have to worry about finding WiFi somewhere, as the password will be given to you as soon as you check in. 

Do not want to miss your daily exercise routine? The gym is there and open for you downstairs. 

Got any questions about where to go, how to get around or what do the instructions on your frozen pizza say as they are written in Latvian? One of our team members is always on property and glad to help. 

  1. You are amongst your own 

We are a student hotel, so nearly every other tenant is here for the same reasons as you. Everyone is around the same age, studying or working away from home, so they are just as likely to want to make new friends, explore the area, get help on their homework and try to create a life here. The common areas are a great place to socialize and make those initial contacts.

  1. No dealing with landlords or incorrect contracts

You will most likely be getting your residence permit here. We got you covered! Our accommodation contracts are printed and signed for you in both Latvian and English, and are accepted by the Immigration Services for your residence permit needs. Our Customer Support office will be happy to help with extensions or any specific needs you may have, so you got all the paperwork ready for your university or visa requirements.

  1. Social Events

Make friends easier by joining one of our social events. Don't worry, most people are new, just like you. Movie nights, game nights, summer BBQ and many other things are put together by the students often. Everyone is welcome to attend and you don't have to go far - our events are held right here on property. Check out our List of Events on our website.

  1. Weekly cleaning

While you still have to pick up after yourself, do your laundry and organize your things, we offer weekly cleaning included in your room rent. This means your floor will be vacuumed and washed, and your bathroom will be cleaned by one of our team members. This gives you more time to focus on your studies and social events!

  1. Your university probably knows us

We work with almost all universities in Riga, so chances are, they can help us and we can help them if there is anything you need. Easy communication, streamlined processes and a safety net behind you during your time here. 

  1. Safe environment

Our building can be entered only by those who hold a key card, so no strangers walking around. Moreover, we have someone on property 24/7 to make sure the alarms are not going off, the building is secure and all is taken care of. Sleep peacefully :)

  1. Thirsty? Hungry? We got you covered.

Aside from the grocery store being a 2 minute walk away, we also have a bar cafe on site, which offers quick snacks, like paninis, chips and chocolates, as well as hot and cold drinks. Feel like a beer after your Friday lectures, but don't feel like going anywhere as it is raining? Just come down to the bar and we will pour you a fresh one.

  1. Mail and package delivery

It can be annoying to try to make it to the post office within their office hours to pick up a letter or to wait for a courier delivery at home all day. Don't worry, you won't have to. You can send your mail and packages to our address and they will be collected by the Customer Support Office. While it is still your responsibility to make sure it is shipped correctly, to track the delivery and to come collect it from us, we are always here and always opening the doors to our mailman and all delivery guys. 

  1. Need more space? We've got it.

Did you decide to bring your snowboard with you? Packed one suitcase too many full of party outfits? Your grandma sent you 5 boxes full of canned peaches from home? You don't need to keep it all in your room and take up the precious space. We have a storage room downstairs that you can use and keep your items out of sight and safely stored.

Duck Republik is a true combination of comfort, convenience and fun. We are here to make sure you are well rested, taken care of and set up for success when it comes to your studies in a location away from home.