“Maskačka – the new student paradise in Riga”



Within the legendary Maskačka, right next to the notorious 15. tram route, there is a beehive of students - the Duck Republik hotel, wherein live more than 200 students and a bar that invites professors and students alike to rest after a long and tiring day.

Maskava forstate is a buzzing topic in the Riga society - home to so many universities and once called the “Russian” home in Riga - it has both a good and a bad reputation, but Duck Republik believes that there are no good or bad, there are only Ducks and they need to come under one roof to have fun and experience a true community.

“An international community of students is helping rebrand the face of Maskacka as we know it.  We, here at Duck Republik, hope to embody the youthfulness, ambition, and passion of the young and lead an example to other businesses and industries in such a re-branding.”, points out Ada Fida, council member at Duck Republik.

According to the newest data, around 250 students will be coming into Riga and filling the buzzing streets of Maskava forstate, making the once notorious tourist scarecrow into a true student paradise. There will be students from all over the world coming in - starting from EU states like France, Spain, Germany and ending with the farthest destinations like China, Sri Lanka and students from the American continents.

Duck Republik: revolutionary student hotel is a growing company that started from 1Home, which offers rentable rooms in apartments in both Riga and Vilnius, Kaunas and Tallinn. The hotel is designed to perfection, taking care of all needs - there is a free gym, fast wifi, yoga room, laundry room with professional washers and dryers, etc. Each room features a bathroom and fridge, as well as enough space to fit in all needed books, clothes and there is still free space left!

Close to the hotel are various universities - TSI, where budding programmers, businessmen and various military men are trained, BSA, where social work, as well as a whole lot more programmes are held and right across the street is the Social sciences faculty of Latvia. Other nearby universities include ISMA, EKA, LKA and others. This is truly a place to be and get new contacts for a better future.

To reserve a place in the hotel, you need to go to www.duckrepublik.eu and look through the available events, rooms and go to “BOOK A STAY”. The system is streamlined and easy to use.

Be great and give a duck about your future!