Stay safe at Duck Healthy duck is a happy duck!

Here, at Duck Republik, the safety and healthiness of our ducks are of the utmost importance. We proud of our unique community and we want all of our members to have the best experience. 

As such, we have taken the appropriate measures within our Republik to ensure a COVID-19 free space for your full enjoyment.

Safety & Hygiene measures:

  • Increased, improved, and intensified cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Trained staff can handle guests reporting COVID-19 symptoms and to prevent any spread.
  • All prevention measures and manuals have been made available to all guests.

Flexible booking policy:

  • Flexible move-in dates (August-October).
  • Minimal rental period is now 1 month. Option for daily payments.¬†
  • Move-out any time without the financial burden (Provide us with a 1-month notice. 2-month notice for bookings over 12-month period).
  • For those who made bookings over 3 months and need to stay self-isolated we have a special offer for you here.
  • No penalties and full refund of pre-payments for cancelations caused by the following:

    • The border is closed and you can't come to Duck Republik;
    • Visa rejection.

NB! Special measures and flexible booking policy are valid by 31.01.2021.

Questions? Concerns?