Bed on the budget in Duck Republik student hotel. One of the best deals on the market In Riga. Here’s why!



Bed on the budget in Duck Republik student hotel. One of the best deals on the market In Riga. Here’s why! 

Planning your stay for studies in Riga and feel like you don't know where to start?

Duck Republik student hotel is a great option for it’s value.

Here are a couple reasons why.

1. Lease agreement duration.

The demands of exchange students are rarely met by the local economy. As a result, you'll probably have a hard time finding someone who would sign a 4-5 month lease agreement, which is the most frequent length for Erasmus these days. Most likely, you'll be required to sign a one-year contract, with financial ramifications if you break it early, such as security deposit fines.

Another alternative is to hire a room or apartment on a daily basis through airbnb or booking. However, even if you book for a longer term and receive a discount, you will almost certainly pay a high amount. These are designed to generate more money on a daily basis and are perfect for travelers staying for a few days.

You may currently rent in Duck Republik for a minimum of three months. After then, you have the option to continue for another three months. It is all up to you.

2. Hussle free booking

You've just moved to a city where the majority of the residents don't speak English.

Imagine finding a listing on a local website, phoning the owner, and explaining your needs. All of this may be done electronically from your home country before traveling to Riga or on the spot. Don't you think it's a hassle?

Duck Republik serves as a tailor made solution for exchange students with English speaking customer support. You can get all the answers you need.
Book your stay hussle free over a call/email or automatic booking system with the possibility of card payment.

3. All bills included

Aside from rental pricing, the local market will provide new students with extra obstacles such as bills and supplementary services. Don't be fooled by price tags. You won't be able to find a room or apartment for a lower rent than at Duck Republik Student Hotel. Keep in mind that this is just a rental. What about supplementary fees and utilities? This is never revealed in a typical lease.

Most likely, the owner will not obtain an internet deal on his own, and you will be required to do so. In most situations, the lease duration is likewise one year, and it comes with a number of benefits.

financial consequences if you terminate beforetime.

Aside from that you will have to pay bills for utilities which will depend only on your personal usage and can have a range of 150-300 EUR / month.

In Duck Republik you have no extra cost for room, wi-fi and utilities. All included in the price.

While taking bed in twin or bed in twin studio you can plan your budget ahead and won’t need to worry about extra payments during your stay. 

4. Features, facilities and social life

Duck Republik student hotel lets you save time and money by having everything you need under one roof and is free of additional expenses.

Downstairs, there's a "Quacktails" bar where you may grab a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a drink. Prices are tailored to fit your student budget, as well as other factors.

No issue if you want to play some games. You're good to go if you check when Sony Playstation is free. Tournaments for Fifa or Mortal Kombat are held virtually every day.

Keep in mind that billiards and table games are also accessible.

There are plenty quiet locations in the common areas to unwind or work. Learn when you want to study, and have a good time when you want to have a good time.

When the weekend approaches, feel free to attend concerts and parties in our concert area, or grab some popcorn and beverages at our monthly movie night.

You are unlikely to find something comparable while renting a room or apartment in Riga for the same price.

5. Friendship at your door. 

New to the city and don’t have many connections, no worry. The student community at Duck Republik is huge. You can find your peers in culture, in your degree, in mentality and even someone to match your likes and dislikes. Everyone is new and everyone is looking for a friend and a connection. Our weekly events are specifically created with your lifestyle in mind and to ensure you experience the best years yet.

6. Location

Maskava is especially useful district for students from TSI, BIA, EKA and ISMA. Duck Republik is right next to these universities. It's a buzzing topic in the Riga society - home to so many universities and once called the “Russian” home in Riga - it has both a good and a bad reputation, but Duck Republik believes that there are no good or bad, there are only Ducks and they need to come under one roof to have fun and experience a true community.

“An international community of students is helping rebrand the face of Maskacka as we know it.  We, here at Duck Republik, hope to embody the youthfulness, ambition, and passion of the young and lead an example to other businesses and industries in such a re-branding.”, points out Ada Fida, council member at Duck Republik.

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